Amsterdam, January 2014
“Marianne de Graaf from Dutch Divine Interior Design has brought, in support of the art & design exhibition ‘Light & Dark’ from Dutch Design Hotel Artemis in Amsterdam (, the decoration of the buffet area and continuing to the dining tables in a winter atmosphere.
She did this with a very personal sense of styling. It is a pleasure to brainstorm about the various possibilities with Marianne and I’m really happy with the result.
Our guests were very pleased which was illustrated by the fact that the hotel received many compliments on the decorations. Thanks Marianne for your commitment and enthusiasm! For the next project, I’m sure I will contact you!”
Jennie Seure
Design & Art Concept Coördinator
Dutch Design Hotel Artemis

Amsterdam, December 2013
“In the Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, I have met Marianne during the opening exhibition. Besides the diversity of art that was exhibited, Marianne of Dutch Divine showed her decorations.
Not only I but many others had noticed her work in the hotel restaurant. Her work is beautiful and impressive. This made me want to have her work in my own living room. I asked her to create something that was special enough to give to my wife.
Within a week she let me know that the decoration was finished and that she came to bring it. I was stunned how beautiful it was. At home, everybody was very enthousiastic and the decoration is showing off in our living room.
Marianne is highly recommended for beautiful decorations, is very friendly and provides excellent service.”
Olivier Nesenberend
Dutch Design Hotel Artemis

Amsterdam, 10th of July, 2011
“For a long time I was doubting how to redecorate my house and at then I came in contact with Marianne. First she asked many questions and listened carefully to my wishes. The effect was amazing: she utilized the space in a way I never thought of and this caused a lot of tranquillity in my living room.
In all honestly I think buying things to decorate my house is terrible. There’s too much choice and I just don’t see what fits and what doesn’t fit in my house. Shopping with Marianne is then really a relief: we shopped with great determination things together and I’ve actually started to like it too! It was still my taste and choice but Marianne helped me enormously!”
Patrick van der Gulik
Manager Private Banking Rabobank

Badhoevedorp, 16th of June 2012
“Marianne is a driven and experienced window dresser and works with a lot of enthusiasm. Every time she knows how to make a good end result with the decorations she’s bringing with her.”
Paul van Wees
Interior and Project

Hamburg, 21th of June 2012
“Marianne is working for 15 years for our company as an independent window dresser. She decorates windows in different stores and trains new window dressers. Moreover our guidelines and decorating instructions should be followed exactly.
Marianne is a very pleasant, flexible, creative and enthusiastic windowdresser! She has a fashionable sense of style and can realize new guidelines in the field of decoration very quickly! I wish Marianne al the success and many creative ideas.”
Babara Rasche,
Strictmanager, Bijou Brigitte AG

Breda, 27th of June, 1997
“Marianne followed the study at the fashion department of the Academy of Fine Arts St. Joost, West-Brabant University of professional education in Breda, the Netherlands.
She developed a main interest for styling presentation, where she also could use her talent for photography and colours and has a preference for making moodboards. Marianne likes to work hard and in a team, she can be a good initiator for styling productions.
During her practical training at studio Ciocca in Milan and her living and working several times in Italy, she got inspired by the sophisticated Italian culture and fashion. She has a lot of experience with working with fashion photographers for instance Peter Stigter in Paris and Alain Gil-Gonzales.
We think, Marianne is at her best in glamour environments. She is suitable for high-fashion where her sense for detail and sophistication are important points.We think that she is now ready to exercise in the real practical world and to enter the more commercial aspects of higher level fashion. Her personal appearance and attitude give her also the most possible advantage to enter the fashion-scene. We wish her all the luck for the future.”
Wim Ewal
Head of the department (a.i.) Fashion Design & Illustration