DDID …. distinctive, exciting, affordable and exclusive

The working method of DDID is as authentic as effective. The guiding principle is that all designs come from a defined concept, a distinctive vision and sophisticated color combinations!

DDID recognizes the needs of their customers. Because many clients / customers work with similar business concepts, a good cooperation with the best end product is the result. From small orders to full spatial redevelopment projects; that is what DDID distinguishes itself from others!

DDID especially aims for affordable solutions. By making small and often cheaper adjustments, you can create a whole new look for your office building, premises or property. In this way, DDID can preserve you for making wrong choices and unnecessary costs. You can save on often radical and (unnecessary) costly renovations!

DDID can also grant exclusivity for customers with special wishes. Through cooperation with Indian suppliers of decorations and furniture and Italian furniture designers, DDID can deliver custom-made goods and crafts.

Through sketches, (atmosphere) drawings and moodboards DDID takes you into the creative process. You get insight into what is really needed!

For who is DDID?

DDID focuses on small and medium businesses. You can think of the (re)establishment of representative (host) areas. DDID can restyle and logistically organize the layout of your store, storefront, entrance, waiting room, conference room, canteen or reception desk in a surprising way. DDID offers alternatives for a variety of (sustainable) decorations within your business. This can be done occasionally, but if desired on a contract basis. An attractive alternative for ‚Äčthe traditional bouquet of flowers on your desk could be a surprisingly varied seasonal element that is fully adapted to your reception area! If you want to participate in an exhibition, DDID can as well help you decorate your stand.

Private homeowners can contact DDID. The (re)designing of your dream home is often difficult and takes time and energy. DDID helps, advises and makes you gain new inspiration in your own home. An ideal service for customers with special wishes, busy professionals and entrepreneurs that are often away from home and are short in time. DDID can take care for the procurement of materials as your “personal shopper”.

For individuals who want to sell their house, DDID can offer help. We give practical tips on how to make the interior design of your house more attractive to/for potential buyers. And that is certainly not a luxury in this time!

DDID works for Project Offices (including (interior) architects). Where these agencies often focus on the broad lines, DDID puts the finishing touches to it when it comes to decoration of spaces.