Christmas / winter decoration
23 October 2014

Expo Light&Dark, Dutch Design Hotel Artemis Amsterdam
23 October 2014

Marianne de Graaf from Dutch Divine Interior Design has brought, in support of the art & design exhibition ‘Light & Dark’ from Dutch Design Hotel Artemis in Amsterdam (, the decoration of the buffet area and continuing to the dining tables in a winter atmosphere.

“De decoration I have used in the hotel is in support of the exhibition. It is my intention to transform the buffet section, which extends into the dining tables, in a winter atmosphere for the hotel guests. I have used a lot of white and some glitters that fits perfectly with all the festivities. The materials used include white fabric which is well in line with the other exhibitors and small lights/mirrors to emphasize the theme ‘Light&Dark’.”

Vintage Winter
22 October 2014

For the furniture store ‘Pronto Wonen’ I’ve designed a complete livingroom. First I’ve made a moodboard en got inspired by the latest trends.

I’ve been surching for a suitable residential program (all wooden furniture) and a seat for the theme ‘Vintage Winter’. Then I found a wallpaper with decorative blue shapes. I have also styled the livingroom with leather, knitted and wooden accessories.  A combination of tough, authentic en natural.

Since the client preferred full livingrooms, I have placed some tight vases with some natural decorations. I have layed the table very creative to inspire the customers what accesories they can use. To get the whole design in balance, I hang lamps on one point but different in height, material and color.

Boats wood furniture
17 April 2014

One day my client asked me to see how to use the new furniture in the store. My first reaction was: “Awful !” I didn’t find it chic and more suitable for a shop counter. It was my challange to put the furniture into the livingroom and make it more sophisticated.

Boats wood is mostly coming from Indonesia and is sustainable because it is re-used. It is a new trend and is often combined with steel frames. What I do like is the use of color in the wood and that every furniture is unique.

My starting point was to stand out the use of colour of the boats wood. Especially the turquoise color I found refreshing. Therefore I decorated turqoise iron branches in stone turquoise vases for more atmosphere. I have also reflected the steel of the furniture in the rest of the accessories. Because boats wood is a natural product, I have used natural materials in the furnishings: stone vases, wooden trays and pillars, branches and knitted cushions and poufs. The sofa is made of leather which fits well with the use of sturdy steel.

The end result surprised me because I’m going to find boats wood nice, despite the steel frames. The customers were very enthusiastic and many couples have purchased the sofa/furniture. It has become a beautiful combination of a tought/tight and decorative interior design what attracts men and women.