'La bella figura' when it comes to interior design

Dutch Divine Interior Design

  • • decoration, (re)style, (re)establishment, complete interior design
  • • for SMEs and individuals
  • • representative (host)areas
  • • personal guidance and counseling
  • • professional appearance that enhances your image
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About Marianne de Graaf, about DDID ...

Marianne de Graaf is living in Amsterdam, where she exercises with great passion her work as a EHCB-registered interior designer. Several years ago she started her company DDID (Dutch Divine Interior Design). She attended the Art Academy in Rotterdam and Breda (direction fashion design) as well as the Interior Academy in Doetinchem. During her training in Paris and Milan, she focused on fashion photography and styling. She took care for the styling of some well-known fashion photographers and video artists. Furthermore, she worked for 15 years as an independent window-dresser at furniture stores and chain stores like Douglas and Bijou Brigitte, performed assignments for Schiphol Airport and Dutch Design Hotel artemis and has she been 'Head Stylist' by furniture shop Pronto Wonen. Marianne focuses especially on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and private homeowners. Italy is her country! 'La bella figura "(always look nice and behave properly") is her motto! That translates in her designs and ideas!

Marianne de Graaf about her work ...

"I combine the traditional Dutch design mentality with international stature. Italy is my source of inspiration, I have lived and worked there, and discovered the love for design. "You look divine ', with those words Sophia Loren was described in one of my favorite movies. For me, 'La Loren’ is a unprecedented movie diva. Her class and personality I like to see in my design: straightforward, harmony, classiness and eleganty. That is the power of DDID: personal advice and affordable customization for various clients, from private homeowners, to small and medium businesses in the SME sector. I sketch all my concepts manually. I base them on vision, courage and beautiful designs with sophisticated color combinations. In this way I distinguish myself from many other interior designers. I have gained my inspiration for the application of materials during my travels through Italy, India, Bali, and Morocco. Together with my clients I choose  the finest and most affordable solution. I also have a good spatial awareness. With that added value, I am a full partner for structural engineers, or interior decorators. Often they set out the broad lines and I put the finishing touches to it. It is important for me to constantly develop further my professional skills. I visit fairs, follow the latest developments in my field and gather my inspiration abroad."